09 August 2010

Translating good intentions into action

I helped an elderly lady put a 10 kg bag of potatoes in her cart at the grocery store last weekend. She was struggling and a (strapping) man had already passed her by without a second look.

I’m not sharing this because I want anyone who might read this to say ‘good job’. I’m sharing because it made me feel good to help a stranger and it only took me seconds to make her day a little easier.

As sunshine and lollipops as it sounds: I often have the urge to help people, to contribute in some small way to making the world a better place. And while I have good intentions I’m short on action. And I know I’m not the only one.

But I have found an easy way to translate my good intentions into action by taking small steps. It’s a new website called If We Ran the World. To learn more about how If We Ran the World works, CLICK HERE.

Problems like world hunger, poverty and warfare are so big, it’s scary and overwhelming – where do you start making a difference? The thing I like about If We Ran the World is that it helps users to focus on small, achievable actions anyone can do.

I’m deciding what I would do if I ruled the world and then I’m joining up. Not just because I want to make a difference, but also because I hope that when I’m an old lady with a 10kg bag of potatoes, someone stops to help me.