21 July 2010

Faulty circuts

I've been under the weather lately (I'm better now), so I haven't been reading very much. My spare time was all about sleep.

But it may have been a good time for a pause. As I continued on with Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw I kept getting a haunted feeling – like I’d read those pages before. But for the life of me I can’t remember reading the book before. I’ve been wracking my brain to no avail.

It’s making me worry about the state of my memory.

I usually have a good memory – but perhaps getting older means my brain is getting too full? Or maybe having to remember the locations of keys and slippers for two (my special someone has an awful memory) has compromised my ability to bring the past to the surface? Maybe being bombarded by so much information everyday is having a negative impact on my synapses?

Makes me wonder what great things are trapped in the dusty corners of my memory.

Anyhow, that means a new book for me. In my younger days I felt like I had to finish a book if I started it. Now I know that life’s too short.


  1. You have wonderful things trapped in the corners of your brilliant mind, my friend.

    Hope you feel better soon and I agree - start a new novel. x

  2. Nah, its old age mate, happens to us all. At least it makes me feel better to think that!