08 July 2010

Life as an expat

A few weeks ago in a fit of homesickness, I placed several orders for Canadian goods: books, DVDs and t-shirts. Maybe even a travel mug. I’m not accountable for my internet purchases when I’m in that state! A few errant clicks of the mouse and you can find you’re the proud new owner of a moose shaped eraser or a small plastic beaver. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Amongst the purchases that have been arriving sporadically have been three Will Ferguson books, so now I’m reading Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw, and loving it!

And, in a fit of good timing, I was contacted by an old university flattie: Alison. Alison’s a Canadian living in Belgium with her fabulous husband Andrew, and she has an excellent blog about life an as expat: Cheeseweb. She asked all of us flatmates from university, who all happen to be expats, to write an article for her blog about our expat experiences.

Click the toque to read my expat dispatch from New Zealand:

Take some time to read about the expat experiences of three amazing ladies: Megan, Tez and Marilla, my other university flatmates. I'll link you through to Alison's expat experience here when it's posted next week.

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  1. I loved Beauty Tips from Moosejaw! Great read and made me very nostalgic. I may have gone just a bit crazy when I discovered a booth at the Brussels Christmas market, run by a guy from Quebec, selling Canadian maple products. He had MAPLE COOKIES! Of course I hadn't eaten those in years but because they were in Brussels... well needless to say I spent a good 6 euro on the bag and we polished off half of it on the ferris wheel. Not one of my best moments...